Back pain exercises can permanently eliminate back pain

Back pain exercises can prevent invasive surgery and save on expensive treatments!

Dear fellow back pain sufferer,

Back pain! There’s hardly anything that causes so much pure agony as the excruciating pain of a severe back pain. If you’ve got a “bad back” (and millions of people do) you know how painful and frustrating nagging back pain can be.

When it strikes – there’s no pain on earth so fierce, so intense, so completely overwhelming! And, no matter how you watch yourself … no matter what care you take – it hits you in an instant, without warning-when you least expect it-making you a “cripple” for days and sometimes even weeks at a time!

The Bad Back Syndrome – You Probably Know It All Too Well...

You can be going along fine for a while. Then, suddenly you’re bowling … playing a game of golf or tennis … playing around with the kids … or make the fatal mistake of lifting something around the house-and it hits you like a ton of bricks! You’re O.K. if you remain motionless, absolutely still in whatever position you happen to be in.

But eventually, you have to move-you have to get up, or walk, or shift around. Then the pain-that old familiar shooting pain stabs you like a knife. And the more you move, the worse it gets.

Worse of all, there’s little or no help you can get for it. For back trouble remain one of the most difficult things for doctors to diagnose-and even harder for them to do anything concrete about.

The bad back syndrome continues: you take plenty of pain-killers, stay off your feet and try to find a half-way comfortable position for yourself. But who can stay in bed for days at a time-and who wants to? And what about work?


Then-you get up finally and do one thing the wrong way, and back come the shooting stabbing pain. There never seems to be and end. You’re a victim. You come to accept pain and live with it! Is there no way to get rid of nagging back ache permanently? YES!

Yes indeed, there certainly is, says Daniela, qualified in Biokinetics and Personal Coaching of the Bad Back DVD-destined to become the most exciting and welcome DVD filmed for people with chronic back trouble.

That’s because if you watch it and follow Daniela demonstrations-you will rid yourself once and for all of agonizing back pain, and will once again enjoy a normal active life.

Here’s how the editor of this letter cured his BAD BACK … and how you may cure yours!

Now if you suffer from a chronic bad back you’ve probably tried all kinds of treatments and “remedies” to find relief-so you can’t be blamed for being skeptical about any promise of a permanent cure! THAT’S WHY IT IS VITAL FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS VITAL POINT: I was very much in the same boat as you. I suffered from one of the most imaginable back condition.

I spent thirteen years in and out of hospitals (which turned out to be an utterly and depressing waste of time!). So I know better than almost anybody alive-the agony, the frustration, and the terrible disappointment of trying to fid relief for nagging, torturous back troubles.

So, I know exactly what you go through every time backache grabs you and whacks you with pain. And, because of my amazing success in finding a permanent cure-I want to share it with you and every other person in the world unfortunate enough to be plagued with severe backaches.  

Back Pain Can Be Permanently Eliminated
An open letter from Eugene B. Levin, M.D

“I am constantly hearing doctors discuss the problem of treating patients with back pain. We all seem to prescribe much the same remedies-pain killers, bed rest, traction, osteopathy, and finally surgery-and up until now that was all we could do. But now there is the Bad Back DVD…

I believe this series of well targeted exercises will bring as much relief to overworked doctors as to desperate patients. For there exercises work. “Of course there are certain extreme cases where exercises may not be indicated and in these cases a go-ahead from your doctor is advisable.

“I have frequently suggested to my patients that they should get more exercise. Now thousands of suffers can follow simple exercises in their own homes and get amazing results.

The “Bad Back DVD” shows you how to strengthen your back. If your back is strong, you will not have backaches. It really is as simple as that”

Do You Want To Be Pain Free Again Too?

When you get the Bad Back DVD you’ll discover:

  • Easy-to-do body motions that will take you just minutes a day to do – do them and you too should enjoy as busy, an active, and pain free life as you did before your back ever acted up – no matter how long you’ve been suffering!
  • How quickly you'll be able to move freely, without pain. To be active again... play sports... do almost any kind of work without worry, without fear, without anxiety AND WITHOUT PAIN!
  • From the very first day you get THE BAD DACK DVD you'll start using simple "building block" exercises any knowledgeable doctor would approve
  • Fast results that bypass years of needless expense, experiment, pain, and surgery – So you can start feeling results, the very first week you get the Bad Back DVD!
  • How to get the perfect body posture – an effortless way to keep your back’s "building blocks" perfectly aligned, whether you're walking, standing or sitting! So you're ahead as soon as you start!
  • The very fist day, the very first body movement your tired back eased and as your lower back muscles are relaxed, painful cramp of the lower back disappears. The minor aches and pain caused by imperfect posture go away!
  • As you go through the exercises, they build on the first, to relax other important muscles... in the lower back, the hips, and the middle back. You'll feel a wonderful new looseness and ease of movement. As you relax, stretch and strengthen, tension disappears. Pain recedes!
  • No special clothes or equipment is needed. You simply watch and copy at your own pace, in a comfortable room. Your improvement will be dramatic and continuous!
  • As you proceed easily and scientifically... toning up your muscles here, getting rid of stiffness there, breezing through the movements your back muscles will gain more strength!
  • Soon, your new body motions provide advanced benefits. One particular exercise provides natural traction – without the need for a special traction bed or weights. It pulls the vertebrae gently and safely apart to nature’s preferred position, enabling your spinal discs to move into their natural position!
  • All the building blocks will be perfectly aligned. Backache is gone. And it will stay away, as long as you devote those few pleasant minutes a day to keeping your back strong and healthy. Go to it!

You Have Our Unconditional, No-Questions Asked, Risk-Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

As with everything we do, we always offer a complete, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee on this Back Pain DVD! If you are unhappy with this scientific program for ANY reason, even if you’re a sneak- after watching and following Daniela for 30 days, just return the Back Pain DVD and we’ll credit your card within 24 hours… guaranteed!

As with everything we do, we always offer a complete, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee on this Back Pain DVD! If you are unhappy with this scientific program for ANY reason, even if you’re a sneak- after watching and following Daniela for 30 days, just return the Back Pain DVD and we’ll credit your card within 24 hours… guaranteed!

What else can we say?

Please think about what will happen to your life if you don’t do this, and buy the Bad Back DVD.

If you don’t start to apply these proven back pain relief techniques today, a year from now, you’ll likely just be a year older … and still a victim of lingering pain that frustrates and robs you of the life you deserve!

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